Class SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor

    • Constructor Detail

      • SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor

        public SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor()
        Creates a new silence skipping audio processor.
      • SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor

        public SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor​(long minimumSilenceDurationUs,
                                             long paddingSilenceUs,
                                             short silenceThresholdLevel)
        Creates a new silence skipping audio processor.
        minimumSilenceDurationUs - The minimum duration of audio that must be below silenceThresholdLevel to classify that part of audio as silent, in microseconds.
        paddingSilenceUs - The duration of silence by which to extend non-silent sections, in microseconds. The value must not exceed minimumSilenceDurationUs.
        silenceThresholdLevel - The absolute level below which an individual PCM sample is classified as silent.