Class TeeAudioProcessor.WavFileAudioBufferSink

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    public static final class TeeAudioProcessor.WavFileAudioBufferSink
    extends Object
    implements TeeAudioProcessor.AudioBufferSink
    A sink for audio buffers that writes output audio as .wav files with a given path prefix. When new audio data is handled after flushing the audio processor, a counter is incremented and its value is appended to the output file name.

    Note: if writing to external storage it's necessary to grant the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

    • Constructor Detail

      • WavFileAudioBufferSink

        public WavFileAudioBufferSink​(String outputFileNamePrefix)
        Creates a new audio buffer sink that writes to .wav files with the given prefix.
        outputFileNamePrefix - The prefix for output files.