Class Buffer

    • Constructor Detail

      • Buffer

        public Buffer()
    • Method Detail

      • clear

        public void clear()
        Clears the buffer.
      • setFlags

        public final void setFlags​( int flags)
        Replaces this buffer's flags with flags.
        flags - The flags to set, which should be a combination of the C.BUFFER_FLAG_* constants.
      • addFlag

        public final void addFlag​( int flag)
        Adds the flag to this buffer's flags.
        flag - The flag to add to this buffer's flags, which should be one of the C.BUFFER_FLAG_* constants.
      • clearFlag

        public final void clearFlag​( int flag)
        Removes the flag from this buffer's flags, if it is set.
        flag - The flag to remove.
      • getFlag

        protected final boolean getFlag​( int flag)
        Returns whether the specified flag has been set on this buffer.
        flag - The flag to check.
        Whether the flag is set.