Class MediaDrmCallbackException

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    public final class MediaDrmCallbackException
    extends IOException
    Deprecated. is deprecated. Please migrate to androidx.media3 (which contains the same ExoPlayer code). See the migration guide for more details, including a script to help with the migration.
    Thrown when an error occurs while executing a DRM key or provisioning request.
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • dataSpec

        public final DataSpec dataSpec
        The DataSpec associated with the request.
      • uriAfterRedirects

        public final Uri uriAfterRedirects
        The Uri after redirections, or dataSpec.uri if no redirection occurred.
      • responseHeaders

        public final Map<String,​List<String>> responseHeaders
        The HTTP request headers included in the response.
      • bytesLoaded

        public final long bytesLoaded
        The number of bytes obtained from the server.