Interface GlShaderProgram.OutputListener

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface GlShaderProgram.OutputListener
    Listener for output-related video frame processing events.

    This listener can be called from any thread.

    • Method Detail

      • onOutputFrameAvailable

        default void onOutputFrameAvailable​(GlTextureInfo outputTexture,
                                            long presentationTimeUs)
        Called when the GlShaderProgram has produced an output frame.

        After the listener's owner has processed the output frame, it must call GlShaderProgram.releaseOutputFrame(GlTextureInfo). The output frame should be released as soon as possible, as there is no guarantee that the GlShaderProgram will produce further output frames before this output frame is released.

        outputTexture - A GlTextureInfo describing the texture containing the output frame.
        presentationTimeUs - The presentation timestamp of the output frame, in microseconds.
      • onCurrentOutputStreamEnded

        default void onCurrentOutputStreamEnded()
        Called when the GlShaderProgram will not produce further output frames belonging to the current output stream. May be called multiple times for one output stream.