Interface GlTextureProcessor

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    public interface GlTextureProcessor
    Processes frames from one OpenGL 2D texture to another.

    The GlTextureProcessor consumes input frames it accepts via queueInputFrame(TextureInfo, long) and surrenders each texture back to the caller via its listener once the texture's contents have been processed.

    The GlTextureProcessor produces output frames asynchronously and notifies its owner when they are available via its listener. The GlTextureProcessor instance's owner must surrender the texture back to the GlTextureProcessor via releaseOutputFrame(TextureInfo) when it has finished processing it.

    GlTextureProcessor implementations can choose to produce output frames before receiving input frames or process several input frames before producing an output frame. However, GlTextureProcessor implementations cannot assume that they will receive more than one input frame at a time, so they must process each input frame they accept even if they cannot produce output yet.

    The methods in this interface must be called on the thread that owns the parent OpenGL context. If the implementation uses another OpenGL context, e.g., on another thread, it must configure it to share data with the context of thread the interface methods are called on.