Class SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor

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    public abstract class SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor
    extends Object
    implements GlTextureProcessor
    Manages a GLSL shader program for processing a frame. Implementations generally copy input pixels into an output frame, with changes to pixels specific to the implementation.

    SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor implementations must produce exactly one output frame per input frame with the same presentation timestamp. For more flexibility, implement GlTextureProcessor directly.

    All methods in this class must be called on the thread that owns the OpenGL context.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor

        public SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor​(boolean useHdr)
        Creates a SingleFrameGlTextureProcessor instance.
        useHdr - Whether input textures come from an HDR source. If true, colors will be in linear RGB BT.2020. If false, colors will be in linear RGB BT.709.