Class FfmpegLibrary

  • public final class FfmpegLibrary
    extends Object
    Configures and queries the underlying native library.
    • Method Detail

      • setLibraries

        public static void setLibraries​(String... libraries)
        Override the names of the FFmpeg native libraries. If an application wishes to call this method, it must do so before calling any other method defined by this class, and before instantiating a FfmpegAudioRenderer instance.
        libraries - The names of the FFmpeg native libraries.
      • isAvailable

        public static boolean isAvailable()
        Returns whether the underlying library is available, loading it if necessary.
      • getVersion

        public static String getVersion()
        Returns the version of the underlying library if available, or null otherwise.
      • getInputBufferPaddingSize

        public static int getInputBufferPaddingSize()
        Returns the required amount of padding for input buffers in bytes, or C.LENGTH_UNSET if the underlying library is not available.
      • supportsFormat

        public static boolean supportsFormat​(String mimeType)
        Returns whether the underlying library supports the specified MIME type.
        mimeType - The MIME type to check.