Interface BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSeeker

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static interface BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSeeker
    A seeker that looks for a given timestamp from an input.
    • Method Detail

      • searchForTimestamp

        BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSearchResult searchForTimestamp​(ExtractorInput input,
                                                                    long targetTimestamp)
                                                             throws IOException
        Searches a limited window of the provided input for a target timestamp. The size of the window is implementation specific, but should be small enough such that it's reasonable for multiple such reads to occur during a seek operation.
        input - The ExtractorInput from which data should be peeked.
        targetTimestamp - The target timestamp.
        A BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSearchResult that describes the result of the search.
        IOException - If an error occurred reading from the input.
      • onSeekFinished

        default void onSeekFinished()
        Called when a seek operation finishes.