Class MatroskaExtractor.Track

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static final class MatroskaExtractor.Track
    extends Object
    Holds data corresponding to a single track.
    • Field Detail

      • name

        public @MonotonicNonNull String name
      • codecId

        public @MonotonicNonNull String codecId
      • number

        public int number
      • type

        public int type
      • defaultSampleDurationNs

        public int defaultSampleDurationNs
      • maxBlockAdditionId

        public int maxBlockAdditionId
      • hasContentEncryption

        public boolean hasContentEncryption
      • sampleStrippedBytes

        public byte @MonotonicNonNull [] sampleStrippedBytes
      • codecPrivate

        public byte @MonotonicNonNull [] codecPrivate
      • drmInitData

        public @MonotonicNonNull DrmInitData drmInitData
      • width

        public int width
      • height

        public int height
      • displayWidth

        public int displayWidth
      • displayHeight

        public int displayHeight
      • displayUnit

        public int displayUnit
      • projectionType

        public int projectionType
      • projectionPoseYaw

        public float projectionPoseYaw
      • projectionPosePitch

        public float projectionPosePitch
      • projectionPoseRoll

        public float projectionPoseRoll
      • projectionData

        public byte @MonotonicNonNull [] projectionData
      • stereoMode

        public int stereoMode
      • hasColorInfo

        public boolean hasColorInfo
      • colorSpace

        public int colorSpace
      • colorTransfer

        public int colorTransfer
      • colorRange

        public int colorRange
      • maxContentLuminance

        public int maxContentLuminance
      • maxFrameAverageLuminance

        public int maxFrameAverageLuminance
      • primaryRChromaticityX

        public float primaryRChromaticityX
      • primaryRChromaticityY

        public float primaryRChromaticityY
      • primaryGChromaticityX

        public float primaryGChromaticityX
      • primaryGChromaticityY

        public float primaryGChromaticityY
      • primaryBChromaticityX

        public float primaryBChromaticityX
      • primaryBChromaticityY

        public float primaryBChromaticityY
      • whitePointChromaticityX

        public float whitePointChromaticityX
      • whitePointChromaticityY

        public float whitePointChromaticityY
      • maxMasteringLuminance

        public float maxMasteringLuminance
      • minMasteringLuminance

        public float minMasteringLuminance
      • dolbyVisionConfigBytes

        public byte @MonotonicNonNull [] dolbyVisionConfigBytes
      • channelCount

        public int channelCount
      • audioBitDepth

        public int audioBitDepth
      • sampleRate

        public int sampleRate
      • codecDelayNs

        public long codecDelayNs
      • seekPreRollNs

        public long seekPreRollNs
      • flagForced

        public boolean flagForced
      • flagDefault

        public boolean flagDefault
      • nalUnitLengthFieldLength

        public int nalUnitLengthFieldLength
    • Constructor Detail

      • Track

        protected Track()
    • Method Detail

      • initializeOutput

        public void initializeOutput​(ExtractorOutput output,
                                     int trackId)
                              throws ParserException
        Initializes the track with an output.
      • outputPendingSampleMetadata

        public void outputPendingSampleMetadata()
        Forces any pending sample metadata to be flushed to the output.
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Resets any state stored in the track in response to a seek.