Class TsPayloadReader.EsInfo

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static final class TsPayloadReader.EsInfo
    extends Object
    Holds information associated with a PMT entry.
    • Field Detail

      • streamType

        public final int streamType
      • language

        public final String language
      • descriptorBytes

        public final byte[] descriptorBytes
    • Constructor Detail

      • EsInfo

        public EsInfo​(int streamType,
                      String language,
                      List<TsPayloadReader.DvbSubtitleInfo> dvbSubtitleInfos,
                      byte[] descriptorBytes)
        streamType - The type of the stream as defined by the TsExtractor .TS_STREAM_TYPE_*.
        language - The language of the stream, as defined by ISO/IEC 13818-1, section 2.6.18.
        dvbSubtitleInfos - Information about DVB subtitles associated to the stream.
        descriptorBytes - The descriptor bytes associated to the stream.