Class SpliceScheduleCommand.Event

    • Field Detail

      • spliceEventId

        public final long spliceEventId
        The splice event id.
      • spliceEventCancelIndicator

        public final boolean spliceEventCancelIndicator
        True if the event with id spliceEventId has been canceled.
      • outOfNetworkIndicator

        public final boolean outOfNetworkIndicator
        If true, the splice event is an opportunity to exit from the network feed. If false, indicates an opportunity to return to the network feed.
      • programSpliceFlag

        public final boolean programSpliceFlag
        Whether the splice mode is program splice mode, whereby all PIDs/components are to be spliced. If false, splicing is done per PID/component.
      • utcSpliceTime

        public final long utcSpliceTime
        Represents the time of the signaled splice event as the number of seconds since 00 hours UTC, January 6th, 1980, with the count of intervening leap seconds included.
      • breakDurationUs

        public final long breakDurationUs
        The duration of the splice in microseconds, or C.TIME_UNSET if no duration is present.
      • uniqueProgramId

        public final int uniqueProgramId
        The unique program id as defined in SCTE35, Section 9.3.2.
      • availNum

        public final int availNum
        Holds the value of avail_num as defined in SCTE35, Section 9.3.2.
      • availsExpected

        public final int availsExpected
        Holds the value of avails_expected as defined in SCTE35, Section 9.3.2.