Class ActionFileUpgradeUtil

  • public final class ActionFileUpgradeUtil
    extends Object
    Utility class for upgrading legacy action files into DefaultDownloadIndex.
    • Method Detail

      • upgradeAndDelete

        public static void upgradeAndDelete​(File actionFilePath,
                                            ActionFileUpgradeUtil.DownloadIdProvider downloadIdProvider,
                                            DefaultDownloadIndex downloadIndex,
                                            boolean deleteOnFailure,
                                            boolean addNewDownloadsAsCompleted)
                                     throws IOException
        Merges DownloadRequests contained in a legacy action file into a DefaultDownloadIndex, deleting the action file if the merge is successful or if deleteOnFailure is true.

        This method must not be called while the DefaultDownloadIndex is being used by a DownloadManager.

        This method may be slow and shouldn't normally be called on the main thread.

        actionFilePath - The action file path.
        downloadIdProvider - A download ID provider, or null. If null then ID of each download will be its custom cache key if one is specified, or else its URL.
        downloadIndex - The index into which the requests will be merged.
        deleteOnFailure - Whether to delete the action file if the merge fails.
        addNewDownloadsAsCompleted - Whether to add new downloads as completed.
        IOException - If an error occurs loading or merging the requests.