Interface Downloader

    • Method Detail

      • download

        void download​(@Nullable
                      Downloader.ProgressListener progressListener)
               throws IOException,
        Downloads the content.

        If downloading fails, this method can be called again to resume the download. It cannot be called again after the download has been canceled.

        If downloading is canceled whilst this method is executing, then it is expected that it will return reasonably quickly. However, there are no guarantees about how the method will return, meaning that it can return without throwing, or by throwing any of its documented exceptions. The caller must use its own knowledge about whether downloading has been canceled to determine whether this is why the method has returned, rather than relying on the method returning in a particular way.

        progressListener - A listener to receive progress updates, or null.
        IOException - If the download failed to complete successfully.
        InterruptedException - If the download was interrupted.
        CancellationException - If the download was canceled.
      • remove

        void remove()
        Removes the content.