Class LoadEventInfo

  • public final class LoadEventInfo
    extends Object
    MediaSource load event information.
    • Field Detail

      • loadTaskId

        public final long loadTaskId
        Identifies the load task to which this event corresponds.
      • dataSpec

        public final DataSpec dataSpec
        Defines the requested data.
      • uri

        public final Uri uri
        The Uri from which data is being read. The uri will be identical to the one in dataSpec.uri unless redirection has occurred. If redirection has occurred, this is the uri after redirection.
      • responseHeaders

        public final Map<String,​List<String>> responseHeaders
        The response headers associated with the load, or an empty map if unavailable.
      • loadDurationMs

        public final long loadDurationMs
        The duration of the load up to the event time.
      • bytesLoaded

        public final long bytesLoaded
        The number of bytes that were loaded up to the event time.
    • Method Detail

      • getNewId

        public static long getNewId()
        Returns an non-negative identifier which is unique to the JVM instance.