Interface AdsLoader.EventListener

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface AdsLoader.EventListener
    Listener for ads loader events. All methods are called on the main thread.
    • Method Detail

      • onAdPlaybackState

        default void onAdPlaybackState​(AdPlaybackState adPlaybackState)
        Called when the ad playback state has been updated. The number of ad groups may not change after the first call.
        adPlaybackState - The new ad playback state.
      • onAdLoadError

        default void onAdLoadError​(AdsMediaSource.AdLoadException error,
                                   DataSpec dataSpec)
        Called when there was an error loading ads.
        error - The error.
        dataSpec - The data spec associated with the load error.
      • onAdClicked

        default void onAdClicked()
        Called when the user clicks through an ad (for example, following a 'learn more' link).
      • onAdTapped

        default void onAdTapped()
        Called when the user taps a non-clickthrough part of an ad.