Interface ServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource.AdPlaybackStateUpdater

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    public static interface ServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource.AdPlaybackStateUpdater
    Receives ad playback state update requests when the Timeline of the content media source has changed.
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      • onAdPlaybackStateUpdateRequested

        boolean onAdPlaybackStateUpdateRequested​(Timeline contentTimeline)
        Called when the content source has refreshed the timeline.

        If true is returned the source refresh publication is deferred, to wait for an ServerSideAdInsertionMediaSource.setAdPlaybackStates(ImmutableMap) ad playback state update}. If false is returned, the source refresh is immediately published.

        Called on the playback thread.

        contentTimeline - The Timeline of the wrapped content media source.
        true to defer the source refresh publication, or false to immediately publish the source refresh.