Interface DashChunkSource.Factory

    • Method Detail

      • createDashChunkSource

        DashChunkSource createDashChunkSource​(LoaderErrorThrower manifestLoaderErrorThrower,
                                              DashManifest manifest,
                                              BaseUrlExclusionList baseUrlExclusionList,
                                              int periodIndex,
                                              int[] adaptationSetIndices,
                                              ExoTrackSelection trackSelection,
                                     int trackType,
                                              long elapsedRealtimeOffsetMs,
                                              boolean enableEventMessageTrack,
                                              List<Format> closedCaptionFormats,
                                              PlayerEmsgHandler.PlayerTrackEmsgHandler playerEmsgHandler,
                                              TransferListener transferListener,
                                              PlayerId playerId,
                                              CmcdConfiguration cmcdConfiguration)
        manifestLoaderErrorThrower - Throws errors affecting loading of manifests.
        manifest - The initial manifest.
        baseUrlExclusionList - The base URL exclusion list.
        periodIndex - The index of the corresponding period in the manifest.
        adaptationSetIndices - The indices of the corresponding adaptation sets in the period.
        trackSelection - The track selection.
        trackType - The track type.
        elapsedRealtimeOffsetMs - If known, an estimate of the instantaneous difference between server-side unix time and SystemClock.elapsedRealtime() in milliseconds, specified as the server's unix time minus the local elapsed time. Or C.TIME_UNSET if unknown.
        enableEventMessageTrack - Whether to output an event message track.
        closedCaptionFormats - The Formats of closed caption tracks to be output.
        playerEmsgHandler - The track output to write emsg messages to, or null if emsgs shouldn't be written.
        transferListener - The transfer listener which should be informed of any data transfers. May be null if no listener is available.
        playerId - The PlayerId of the player using this chunk source.
        cmcdConfiguration - The CmcdConfiguration for this chunk source.
        The created DashChunkSource.