Interface HlsPlaylistParserFactory

    • Method Detail

      • createPlaylistParser

        ParsingLoadable.Parser<HlsPlaylist> createPlaylistParser()
        Returns a stand-alone playlist parser. Playlists parsed by the returned parser do not inherit any attributes from other playlists.
      • createPlaylistParser

        ParsingLoadable.Parser<HlsPlaylist> createPlaylistParser​(HlsMultivariantPlaylist multivariantPlaylist,
                                                                 HlsMediaPlaylist previousMediaPlaylist)
        Returns a playlist parser for playlists that were referenced by the given HlsMultivariantPlaylist. Returned HlsMediaPlaylist instances may inherit attributes from multivariantPlaylist.
        multivariantPlaylist - The multivariant playlist that referenced any parsed media playlists.
        previousMediaPlaylist - The previous media playlist or null if there is no previous media playlist.
        A parser for HLS playlists.