Class DumpFileAsserts

  • public class DumpFileAsserts
    extends Object
    Helper class to enable assertions based on golden-data dump files.

    Allows the golden files to be easily updated with new data (see more info in the docs on DUMP_FILE_ACTION).

    Compatible with Dumper.Dumpable but can also be used directly with Strings generated through different means.

    • Method Detail

      • assertOutput

        public static void assertOutput​(Context context,
                                        String actual,
                                        String dumpFile)
                                 throws IOException
        Asserts that actual is equal to the contents of dumpFile.

        If the assertion fails because of an intended change in the output or a new dump file needs to be created, set DUMP_FILE_ACTION to WRITE_TO_LOCAL for local tests and to WRITE_TO_DEVICE for instrumentation tests, and run the test again. Instead of assertion, actual will be written to dumpFile. For instrumentation tests, this new dump file needs to be copied to the project testdata/src/test folder manually.