Class FakeMediaSource.InitialTimeline

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    public static class FakeMediaSource.InitialTimeline
    extends ForwardingTimeline
    A forwarding timeline to provide an initial timeline for fake multi window sources.
    • Constructor Detail

      • InitialTimeline

        public InitialTimeline​(Timeline timeline)
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      • getWindow

        public Timeline.Window getWindow​(int windowIndex,
                                         Timeline.Window window,
                                         long defaultPositionProjectionUs)
        Description copied from class: Timeline
        Populates a Timeline.Window with data for the window at the specified index.
        getWindow in class ForwardingTimeline
        windowIndex - The index of the window.
        window - The Timeline.Window to populate. Must not be null.
        defaultPositionProjectionUs - A duration into the future that the populated window's default start position should be projected.
        The populated Timeline.Window, for convenience.