Interface HostActivity.HostedTest

    • Method Detail

      • onStart

        void onStart​(HostActivity host,
                     Surface surface,
                     FrameLayout overlayFrameLayout)
        Called on the main thread when the test is started.

        The test will not be started until the HostActivity has been resumed and its Surface has been created.

        host - The HostActivity in which the test is being run.
        surface - The Surface.
        overlayFrameLayout - A FrameLayout that is on top of the surface.
      • blockUntilStopped

        boolean blockUntilStopped​(long timeoutMs)
        Called on the main thread to block until the test has stopped or forceStop() is called.
        timeoutMs - The maximum time to block in milliseconds.
        Whether the test has stopped successful.
      • forceStop

        boolean forceStop()
        Called on the main thread to force stop the test (if it is not stopped already).
        Whether the test was forced stopped.
      • onFinished

        void onFinished()
        Called on the test thread after the test has finished and been stopped.

        Implementations may use this method to assert that test criteria were met.