Class SpanUtil

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      • addOrReplaceSpan

        public static void addOrReplaceSpan​(Spannable spannable,
                                            Object span,
                                            int start,
                                            int end,
                                            int spanFlags)
        Adds span to spannable between start and end, removing any existing spans of the same type and with the same indices and flags.

        This is useful for types of spans that don't make sense to duplicate and where the evaluation order might have an unexpected impact on the final text, e.g. ForegroundColorSpan.

        spannable - The Spannable to add span to.
        span - The span object to be added.
        start - The start index to add the new span at.
        end - The end index to add the new span at.
        spanFlags - The flags to pass to Spannable.setSpan(Object, int, int, int).