Class SsaDecoder

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      • SsaDecoder

        public SsaDecoder()
      • SsaDecoder

        public SsaDecoder​(@Nullable
                          List<byte[]> initializationData)
        Constructs an SsaDecoder with optional format and header info.
        initializationData - Optional initialization data for the decoder. If not null or empty, the initialization data must consist of two byte arrays. The first must contain an SSA format line. The second must contain an SSA header that will be assumed common to all samples. The header is everything in an SSA file before the [Events] section (i.e. [Script Info] and optional [V4+ Styles] section.
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      • decode

        protected Subtitle decode​(byte[] data,
                                  int length,
                                  boolean reset)
        Description copied from class: SimpleSubtitleDecoder
        Decodes data into a Subtitle.
        Specified by:
        decode in class SimpleSubtitleDecoder
        data - An array holding the data to be decoded, starting at position 0.
        length - The number of bytes from data to be decoded.
        reset - Whether the decoder must be reset before decoding.
        The decoded Subtitle.