Class DeviceMappedEncoderBitrateProvider

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      • DeviceMappedEncoderBitrateProvider

        public DeviceMappedEncoderBitrateProvider()
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      • getBitrate

        public int getBitrate​(String encoderName,
                              int width,
                              int height,
                              float frameRate)
        Description copied from interface: EncoderBitrateProvider
        Returns a recommended bitrate that the encoder should target.
        Specified by:
        getBitrate in interface EncoderBitrateProvider
        encoderName - The name of the encoder, see MediaCodecInfo.getName().
        width - The output width of the video after encoding.
        height - The output height of the video after encoding.
        frameRate - The expected output frame rate of the video after encoding.
        The bitrate the encoder should target.