Interface GlMatrixTransformation

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    Presentation, ScaleToFitTransformation

    public interface GlMatrixTransformation
    extends GlEffect
    Specifies a 4x4 transformation Matrix to apply in the vertex shader for each frame.

    The matrix is applied to points given in normalized device coordinates (-1 to 1 on x, y, and z axes). Transformed pixels that are moved outside of the normal device coordinate range are clipped.

    Output frame pixels outside of the transformed input frame will be black.

    • Method Detail

      • configure

        default Size configure​(int inputWidth,
                               int inputHeight)
        Configures the input and output dimensions.

        Must be called before getGlMatrixArray(long).

        inputWidth - The input frame width, in pixels.
        inputHeight - The input frame height, in pixels.
        The output frame Size, in pixels.
      • getGlMatrixArray

        float[] getGlMatrixArray​(long presentationTimeUs)
        Returns the 4x4 transformation Matrix to apply to the frame with the given timestamp.