Interface AdViewProvider

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    PlayerView, StyledPlayerView

    public interface AdViewProvider
    Provides information about views for the ad playback UI.
    • Method Detail

      • getAdViewGroup

        ViewGroup getAdViewGroup()
        Returns the ViewGroup on top of the player that will show any ad UI, or null if playing audio-only ads. Any views on top of the returned view group must be described by AdOverlayInfos returned by getAdOverlayInfos(), for accurate viewability measurement.
      • getAdOverlayInfos

        default List<AdOverlayInfo> getAdOverlayInfos()
        Returns a list of AdOverlayInfo instances describing views that are on top of the ad view group, but that are essential for controlling playback and should be excluded from ad viewability measurements.

        Each view must be either a fully transparent overlay (for capturing touch events), or a small piece of transient UI that is essential to the user experience of playback (such as a button to pause/resume playback or a transient full-screen or cast button). For more information see the documentation for your ads loader.