Interface CacheEvictor

    • Method Detail

      • requiresCacheSpanTouches

        boolean requiresCacheSpanTouches()
        Returns whether the evictor requires the Cache to touch CacheSpans when it accesses them. Implementations that do not use CacheSpan.lastTouchTimestamp should return false.
      • onCacheInitialized

        void onCacheInitialized()
        Called when cache has been initialized.
      • onStartFile

        void onStartFile​(Cache cache,
                         String key,
                         long position,
                         long length)
        Called when a writer starts writing to the cache.
        cache - The source of the event.
        key - The key being written.
        position - The starting position of the data being written.
        length - The length of the data being written, or C.LENGTH_UNSET if unknown.