Interface FrameProcessor.Listener

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface FrameProcessor.Listener
    Listener for asynchronous frame processing events.

    All listener methods must be called from the same thread.

    • Method Detail

      • onOutputSizeChanged

        void onOutputSizeChanged​(int width,
                                 int height)
        Called when the output size changes.

        The output size is the frame size in pixels after applying all effects.

        The output size may differ from the size specified using FrameProcessor.setOutputSurfaceInfo(SurfaceInfo).

      • onOutputFrameAvailable

        void onOutputFrameAvailable​(long presentationTimeUs)
        Called when an output frame with the given presentationTimeUs becomes available.
        presentationTimeUs - The presentation time of the frame, in microseconds.
      • onFrameProcessingError

        void onFrameProcessingError​(FrameProcessingException exception)
        Called when an exception occurs during asynchronous frame processing.

        If an error occurred, consuming and producing further frames will not work as expected and the FrameProcessor should be released.

      • onFrameProcessingEnded

        void onFrameProcessingEnded()
        Called after the FrameProcessor has produced its final output frame.