Class GlProgram

  • public final class GlProgram
    extends Object
    Represents a GLSL shader program.

    After constructing a program, keep a reference for its lifetime and call delete() (or release the current GL context) when it's no longer needed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • GlProgram

        public GlProgram​(Context context,
                         String vertexShaderFilePath,
                         String fragmentShaderFilePath)
                  throws IOException
        Compiles a GL shader program from vertex and fragment shader GLSL GLES20 code.
        context - The Context.
        vertexShaderFilePath - The path to a vertex shader program.
        fragmentShaderFilePath - The path to a fragment shader program.
        IOException - When failing to read shader files.
      • GlProgram

        public GlProgram​(String vertexShaderGlsl,
                         String fragmentShaderGlsl)
        Creates a GL shader program from vertex and fragment shader GLSL GLES20 code.

        This involves slow steps, like compiling, linking, and switching the GL program, so do not call this in fast rendering loops.

        vertexShaderGlsl - The vertex shader program.
        fragmentShaderGlsl - The fragment shader program.
    • Method Detail

      • getUniformLocation

        public int getUniformLocation​(String uniformName)
        Returns the location of a GlProgram.Uniform.
      • use

        public void use()
        Uses the program.

        Call this in the rendering loop to switch between different programs.

      • delete

        public void delete()
        Deletes the program. Deleted programs cannot be used again.
      • getAttributeArrayLocationAndEnable

        public int getAttributeArrayLocationAndEnable​(String attributeName)
        Returns the location of an GlProgram.Attribute, which has been enabled as a vertex attribute array.
      • setBufferAttribute

        public void setBufferAttribute​(String name,
                                       float[] values,
                                       int size)
        Sets a float buffer type attribute.
      • setSamplerTexIdUniform

        public void setSamplerTexIdUniform​(String name,
                                           int texId,
                                           int texUnitIndex)
        Sets a texture sampler type uniform.
        name - The uniform's name.
        texId - The texture identifier.
        texUnitIndex - The texture unit index. Use a different index (0, 1, 2, ...) for each texture sampler in the program.
      • setFloatUniform

        public void setFloatUniform​(String name,
                                    float value)
        Sets a float type uniform.
      • setFloatsUniform

        public void setFloatsUniform​(String name,
                                     float[] value)
        Sets a float array type uniform.
      • bindAttributesAndUniforms

        public void bindAttributesAndUniforms()
        Binds all attributes and uniforms in the program.