Interface VideoFrameMetadataListener

  • public interface VideoFrameMetadataListener
    A listener for metadata corresponding to video frames being rendered.
    • Method Detail

      • onVideoFrameAboutToBeRendered

        void onVideoFrameAboutToBeRendered​(long presentationTimeUs,
                                           long releaseTimeNs,
                                           Format format,
                                           MediaFormat mediaFormat)
        Called on the playback thread when a video frame is about to be rendered.
        presentationTimeUs - The presentation time of the frame, in microseconds.
        releaseTimeNs - The wallclock time at which the frame should be displayed, in nanoseconds. If the platform API version of the device is less than 21, then this is a best effort.
        format - The format associated with the frame.
        mediaFormat - The framework media format associated with the frame, or null if not known or not applicable (e.g., because the frame was not output by a MediaCodec).