Track selection

Track selection determines which of the available media tracks are played by the player. Track selection is the responsibility of a TrackSelector, an instance of which can be provided whenever an ExoPlayer is built.

DefaultTrackSelector trackSelector = new DefaultTrackSelector(context);
SimpleExoPlayer player =
    new SimpleExoPlayer.Builder(context)

DefaultTrackSelector is a flexible TrackSelector suitable for most use cases. When using a DefaultTrackSelector, it’s possible to control which tracks it selects by modifying its Parameters. This can be done before or during playback. For example the following code tells the selector to restrict video track selections to SD, and to select a German audio track if there is one:


This is an example of constraint based track selection, in which constraints are specified without knowledge of the tracks that are actually available. Many different types of constraint can be specified using Parameters. Parameters can also be used to select specific tracks from those that are available. See the DefaultTrackSelector, Parameters and ParametersBuilder documentation for more details.