Interface ExoPlayer.DeviceComponent

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    public static interface ExoPlayer.DeviceComponent
    The device component of an ExoPlayer.
    • Method Detail

      • getDeviceInfo

        DeviceInfo getDeviceInfo()
        Gets the device information.
      • isDeviceMuted

        boolean isDeviceMuted()
        Gets whether the device is muted or not.
      • setDeviceVolume

        void setDeviceVolume​(int volume)
        Sets the volume of the device.
        volume - The volume to set.
      • increaseDeviceVolume

        void increaseDeviceVolume()
        Increases the volume of the device.
      • decreaseDeviceVolume

        void decreaseDeviceVolume()
        Decreases the volume of the device.
      • setDeviceMuted

        void setDeviceMuted​(boolean muted)
        Sets the mute state of the device.