Class MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
        Creates a new instance with default values.
    • Method Detail

      • setStartPositionMs

        public MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.Builder setStartPositionMs​(@IntRange(from=0L)
                                                                          long startPositionMs)
        Sets the optional start position in milliseconds which must be a value larger than or equal to zero (Default: 0).
      • setRelativeToLiveWindow

        public MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.Builder setRelativeToLiveWindow​(boolean relativeToLiveWindow)
        Sets whether the start/end positions should move with the live window for live streams. If false, live streams end when playback reaches the end position in live window seen when the media is first loaded (Default: false).
      • setRelativeToDefaultPosition

        public MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.Builder setRelativeToDefaultPosition​(boolean relativeToDefaultPosition)
        Sets whether the start position and the end position are relative to the default position in the window (Default: false).
      • setStartsAtKeyFrame

        public MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.Builder setStartsAtKeyFrame​(boolean startsAtKeyFrame)
        Sets whether the start point is guaranteed to be a key frame. If false, the playback transition into the clip may not be seamless (Default: false).