Class SimpleBasePlayer.MediaItemData

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static final class SimpleBasePlayer.MediaItemData
    extends Object
    An immutable description of an item in the playlist, containing both static setup information like MediaItem and dynamic data that is generally read from the media like the duration.
    • Field Detail

      • uid

        public final Object uid
        The unique identifier of this media item.
      • tracks

        public final Tracks tracks
        The Tracks of this media item.
      • mediaMetadata

        public final MediaMetadata mediaMetadata
        The MediaMetadata, including static data from the MediaItem and the media's Format, as well any dynamic metadata that has been parsed from the media. If null, the metadata is assumed to be the simple combination of the MediaItem metadata and the metadata of the selected Formats.
      • manifest

        public final Object manifest
        The manifest of the media item, or null if not applicable.
      • presentationStartTimeMs

        public final long presentationStartTimeMs
        The start time of the live presentation, in milliseconds since the Unix epoch, or C.TIME_UNSET if unknown or not applicable.
      • windowStartTimeMs

        public final long windowStartTimeMs
        The start time of the live window, in milliseconds since the Unix epoch, or C.TIME_UNSET if unknown or not applicable.
      • elapsedRealtimeEpochOffsetMs

        public final long elapsedRealtimeEpochOffsetMs
        The offset between SystemClock.elapsedRealtime() and the time since the Unix epoch according to the clock of the media origin server, or C.TIME_UNSET if unknown or not applicable.
      • isSeekable

        public final boolean isSeekable
        Whether it's possible to seek within this media item.
      • isDynamic

        public final boolean isDynamic
        Whether this media item may change over time, for example a moving live window.
      • defaultPositionUs

        public final long defaultPositionUs
        The default position relative to the start of the media item at which to begin playback, in microseconds.
      • durationUs

        public final long durationUs
        The duration of the media item, in microseconds, or C.TIME_UNSET if unknown.
      • positionInFirstPeriodUs

        public final long positionInFirstPeriodUs
        The position of the start of this media item relative to the start of the first period belonging to it, in microseconds.
      • isPlaceholder

        public final boolean isPlaceholder
        Whether this media item contains placeholder information because the real information has yet to be loaded.