Interface SimpleBasePlayer.PositionSupplier

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static interface SimpleBasePlayer.PositionSupplier
    A supplier for a position.
    • Method Detail

      • getConstant

        static SimpleBasePlayer.PositionSupplier getConstant​(long positionMs)
        Returns an instance that returns a constant value.
        positionMs - The constant position to return, in milliseconds.
      • getExtrapolating

        static SimpleBasePlayer.PositionSupplier getExtrapolating​(long currentPositionMs,
                                                                  float playbackSpeed)
        Returns an instance that extrapolates the provided position into the future.
        currentPositionMs - The current position in milliseconds.
        playbackSpeed - The playback speed with which the position is assumed to increase.
      • get

        long get()
        Returns the position.