Class DefaultAudioSink.Builder

    • Method Detail

      • setAudioCapabilities

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setAudioCapabilities​(AudioCapabilities audioCapabilities)
        These audio capabilities are only used in the absence of a context. In the case when the Context is null and the audioCapabilities is not set to the Builder, the default capabilities (no encoded audio passthrough support) should be assumed.
      • setAudioProcessors

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setAudioProcessors​(AudioProcessor[] audioProcessors)
        Sets an array of AudioProcessorss that will process PCM audio before output. May be empty. Equivalent of setAudioProcessorChain(new DefaultAudioProcessorChain(audioProcessors).

        The default value is an empty array.

      • setAudioProcessorChain

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setAudioProcessorChain​(AudioProcessorChain audioProcessorChain)
        Sets the AudioProcessorChain to process audio before playback. The instance passed in must not be reused in other sinks. Processing chains are only supported for PCM playback (not passthrough or offload).

        By default, no processing will be applied.

      • setEnableFloatOutput

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setEnableFloatOutput​(boolean enableFloatOutput)
        Sets whether to enable 32-bit float output or integer output. Where possible, 32-bit float output will be used if the input is 32-bit float, and also if the input is high resolution (24-bit or 32-bit) integer PCM. Float output is supported from API level 21. Audio processing (for example, speed adjustment) will not be available when float output is in use.

        The default value is false.

      • setEnableAudioTrackPlaybackParams

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setEnableAudioTrackPlaybackParams​(boolean enableAudioTrackPlaybackParams)
        Sets whether to control the playback speed using the platform implementation (see AudioTrack.setPlaybackParams(PlaybackParams)), if supported. If set to false, speed up/down of the audio will be done by ExoPlayer (see SonicAudioProcessor). Platform speed adjustment is lower latency, but less reliable.

        The default value is false.

      • setOffloadMode

        public DefaultAudioSink.Builder setOffloadMode​( int offloadMode)
        Sets the offload mode. If an audio format can be both played with offload and encoded audio passthrough, it will be played in offload. Audio offload is supported from API level 29. Most Android devices can only support one offload AudioTrack at a time and can invalidate it at any time. Thus an app can never be guaranteed that it will be able to play in offload. Audio processing (for example, speed adjustment) will not be available when offload is in use.

        The default value is DefaultAudioSink.OFFLOAD_MODE_DISABLED.