Class DecoderCounters

  • public final class DecoderCounters
    extends Object
    Maintains decoder event counts, for debugging purposes only.

    Counters should be written from the playback thread only. Counters may be read from any thread. To ensure that the counter values are made visible across threads, users of this class should invoke ensureUpdated() prior to reading and after writing.

    • Field Detail

      • decoderInitCount

        public int decoderInitCount
        The number of times a decoder has been initialized.
      • decoderReleaseCount

        public int decoderReleaseCount
        The number of times a decoder has been released.
      • inputBufferCount

        public int inputBufferCount
        The number of queued input buffers.
      • skippedInputBufferCount

        public int skippedInputBufferCount
        The number of skipped input buffers.

        A skipped input buffer is an input buffer that was deliberately not sent to the decoder.

      • renderedOutputBufferCount

        public int renderedOutputBufferCount
        The number of rendered output buffers.
      • skippedOutputBufferCount

        public int skippedOutputBufferCount
        The number of skipped output buffers.

        A skipped output buffer is an output buffer that was deliberately not rendered.

      • droppedBufferCount

        public int droppedBufferCount
        The number of dropped buffers.

        A dropped buffer is an buffer that was supposed to be decoded/rendered, but was instead dropped because it could not be rendered in time.

      • maxConsecutiveDroppedBufferCount

        public int maxConsecutiveDroppedBufferCount
        The maximum number of dropped buffers without an interleaving rendered output buffer.

        Skipped output buffers are ignored for the purposes of calculating this value.

      • droppedToKeyframeCount

        public int droppedToKeyframeCount
        The number of times all buffers to a keyframe were dropped.

        Each time buffers to a keyframe are dropped, this counter is increased by one, and the dropped buffer counters are increased by one (for the current output buffer) plus the number of buffers dropped from the source to advance to the keyframe.

      • totalVideoFrameProcessingOffsetUs

        public long totalVideoFrameProcessingOffsetUs
        The sum of the video frame processing offsets in microseconds.

        The processing offset for a video frame is the difference between the time at which the frame became available to render, and the time at which it was scheduled to be rendered. A positive value indicates the frame became available early enough, whereas a negative value indicates that the frame wasn't available until after the time at which it should have been rendered.

        Note: Use addVideoFrameProcessingOffset(long) to update this field instead of updating it directly.

      • videoFrameProcessingOffsetCount

        public int videoFrameProcessingOffsetCount
        The number of video frame processing offsets added.

        Note: Use addVideoFrameProcessingOffset(long) to update this field instead of updating it directly.

    • Constructor Detail

      • DecoderCounters

        public DecoderCounters()
    • Method Detail

      • ensureUpdated

        public void ensureUpdated()
        Should be called to ensure counter values are made visible across threads. The playback thread should call this method after updating the counter values. Any other thread should call this method before reading the counters.
      • merge

        public void merge​(DecoderCounters other)
        Merges the counts from other into this instance.
        other - The DecoderCounters to merge into this instance.
      • addVideoFrameProcessingOffset

        public void addVideoFrameProcessingOffset​(long processingOffsetUs)
        Adds a video frame processing offset to totalVideoFrameProcessingOffsetUs and increases videoFrameProcessingOffsetCount by one.

        Convenience method to ensure both fields are updated when adding a single offset.

        processingOffsetUs - The video frame processing offset in microseconds.