Class ScaleAndRotateTransformation.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
        Creates a builder with default values.
    • Method Detail

      • setScale

        public ScaleAndRotateTransformation.Builder setScale​(float scaleX,
                                                             float scaleY)
        Sets the x and y axis scaling factors to apply to each frame's width and height.

        The values default to 1, which corresponds to not scaling along both axes.

        scaleX - The multiplier by which the frame will scale horizontally, along the x-axis.
        scaleY - The multiplier by which the frame will scale vertically, along the y-axis.
        This builder.
      • setRotationDegrees

        public ScaleAndRotateTransformation.Builder setRotationDegrees​(float rotationDegrees)
        Sets the counterclockwise rotation degrees.

        The default value, 0, corresponds to not applying any rotation.

        The output frame's width and height are adjusted to preserve all input pixels. The rotated input frame is fitted inside an enclosing black rectangle if its edges aren't parallel to the x and y axes, to form the output frame.

        rotationDegrees - The counterclockwise rotation, in degrees.
        This builder.