Interface SeekMap

    • Method Detail

      • isSeekable

        boolean isSeekable()
        Returns whether seeking is supported.
        Whether seeking is supported.
      • getDurationUs

        long getDurationUs()
        Returns the duration of the stream in microseconds.
        The duration of the stream in microseconds, or C.TIME_UNSET if the duration is unknown.
      • getSeekPoints

        SeekMap.SeekPoints getSeekPoints​(long timeUs)
        Obtains seek points for the specified seek time in microseconds. The returned SeekMap.SeekPoints will contain one or two distinct seek points.

        Two seek points [A, B] are returned in the case that seeking can only be performed to discrete points in time, there does not exist a seek point at exactly the requested time, and there exist seek points on both sides of it. In this case A and B are the closest seek points before and after the requested time. A single seek point is returned in all other cases.

        timeUs - A seek time in microseconds.
        The corresponding seek points.