Interface TsPayloadReader.Factory

    • Method Detail

      • createInitialPayloadReaders

        SparseArray<TsPayloadReader> createInitialPayloadReaders()
        Returns the initial mapping from PIDs to payload readers.

        This method allows the injection of payload readers for reserved PIDs, excluding PID 0.

        A SparseArray that maps PIDs to payload readers.
      • createPayloadReader

        TsPayloadReader createPayloadReader​(int streamType,
                                            TsPayloadReader.EsInfo esInfo)
        Returns a TsPayloadReader for a given stream type and elementary stream information. May return null if the stream type is not supported.
        streamType - Stream type value as defined in the PMT entry or associated descriptors.
        esInfo - Information associated to the elementary stream provided in the PMT.
        A TsPayloadReader for the packet stream carried by the provided pid, or null if the stream is not supported.