Class PictureFrame

    • Field Detail

      • pictureType

        public final int pictureType
        The type of the picture.
      • mimeType

        public final String mimeType
        The mime type of the picture.
      • description

        public final String description
        A description of the picture.
      • width

        public final int width
        The width of the picture in pixels.
      • height

        public final int height
        The height of the picture in pixels.
      • depth

        public final int depth
        The color depth of the picture in bits-per-pixel.
      • colors

        public final int colors
        For indexed-color pictures (e.g. GIF), the number of colors used. 0 otherwise.
      • pictureData

        public final byte[] pictureData
        The encoded picture data.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PictureFrame

        public PictureFrame​(int pictureType,
                            String mimeType,
                            String description,
                            int width,
                            int height,
                            int depth,
                            int colors,
                            byte[] pictureData)