Class IcyHeaders

    • Field Detail


        public static final String REQUEST_HEADER_ENABLE_METADATA_VALUE
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      • bitrate

        public final int bitrate
        Bitrate in bits per second ((icy-br * 1000)), or Format.NO_VALUE if the header was not present.
      • genre

        public final String genre
        The genre (icy-genre).
      • name

        public final String name
        The stream name (icy-name).
      • url

        public final String url
        The URL of the radio station (icy-url).
      • isPublic

        public final boolean isPublic
        Whether the radio station is listed (icy-pub), or false if the header was not present.
      • metadataInterval

        public final int metadataInterval
        The interval in bytes between metadata chunks (icy-metaint), or C.LENGTH_UNSET if the header was not present.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IcyHeaders

        public IcyHeaders​(int bitrate,
                          String genre,
                          String name,
                          String url,
                          boolean isPublic,
                          int metadataInterval)
        bitrate - See bitrate.
        genre - See genre.
        name - See See.
        url - See url.
        isPublic - See isPublic.
        metadataInterval - See metadataInterval.