Class PlaybackOutput

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    public final class PlaybackOutput
    extends Object
    implements Dumper.Dumpable
    Class to capture output from a playback test.

    Implements Dumper.Dumpable so the output can be easily dumped to a string for comparison against previous test runs.

    • Method Detail

      • register

        public static PlaybackOutput register​(ExoPlayer player,
                                              CapturingRenderersFactory capturingRenderersFactory)
        Create an instance that captures the metadata and text output from player and the audio and video output via capturingRenderersFactory.

        Must be called before playback to ensure metadata and text output is captured correctly.

        player - The ExoPlayer to capture metadata and text output from.
        capturingRenderersFactory - The CapturingRenderersFactory to capture audio and video output from.
        A new instance that can be used to dump the playback output.
      • dump

        public void dump​(Dumper dumper)
        Description copied from interface: Dumper.Dumpable
        Dumps the fields of the object using the dumper.
        Specified by:
        dump in interface Dumper.Dumpable
        dumper - The Dumper to be used to dump fields.