Class TrackGroup

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    public final class TrackGroup
    extends Object
    implements Bundleable
    Deprecated. is deprecated. Please migrate to androidx.media3 (which contains the same ExoPlayer code). See the migration guide for more details, including a script to help with the migration.
    An immutable group of tracks available within a media stream. All tracks in a group present the same content, but their formats may differ.

    As an example of how tracks can be grouped, consider an adaptive playback where a main video feed is provided in five resolutions, and an alternative video feed (e.g., a different camera angle in a sports match) is provided in two resolutions. In this case there will be two video track groups, one corresponding to the main video feed containing five tracks, and a second for the alternative video feed containing two tracks.

    Note that audio tracks whose languages differ are not grouped, because content in different languages is not considered to be the same. Conversely, audio tracks in the same language that only differ in properties such as bitrate, sampling rate, channel count and so on can be grouped. This also applies to text tracks.

    Note also that this class only contains information derived from the media itself. Unlike Tracks.Group, it does not include runtime information such as the extent to which playback of each track is supported by the device, or which tracks are currently selected.

    • Field Detail

      • length

        public final int length
        The number of tracks in the group.
      • id

        public final String id
        An identifier for the track group.
      • type

        public final int type
        The type of tracks in the group.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TrackGroup

        public TrackGroup​(Format... formats)
        Constructs a track group containing the provided formats.
        formats - The list of Formats. Must not be empty.
      • TrackGroup

        public TrackGroup​(String id,
                          Format... formats)
        Constructs a track group with the provided id and formats.
        id - The identifier of the track group. May be an empty string.
        formats - The list of Formats. Must not be empty.
    • Method Detail

      • copyWithId

        public TrackGroup copyWithId​(String id)
        Returns a copy of this track group with the specified id.
        id - The identifier for the copy of the track group.
        The copied track group.
      • getFormat

        public Format getFormat​(int index)
        Returns the format of the track at a given index.
        index - The index of the track.
        The track's format.
      • indexOf

        public int indexOf​(Format format)
        Returns the index of the track with the given format in the group. The format is located by identity so, for example, group.indexOf(group.getFormat(index)) == index even if multiple tracks have formats that contain the same values.
        format - The format.
        The index of the track, or C.INDEX_UNSET if no such track exists.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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      • equals

        public boolean equals​(@Nullable
                              Object obj)
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      • toBundle

        public Bundle toBundle()
        Description copied from interface: Bundleable
        Returns a Bundle representing the information stored in this object.
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        toBundle in interface Bundleable