Class AdPlaybackState.AdGroup

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    public static final class AdPlaybackState.AdGroup
    extends Object
    implements Bundleable
    Represents a group of ads, with information about their states.

    Instances are immutable. Call the with* methods to get new instances that have the required changes.

    • Field Detail

      • count

        public final int count
        The number of ads in the ad group, or C.LENGTH_UNSET if unknown.
      • originalCount

        public final int originalCount
        The original number of ads in the ad group in case the ad group is only partially available, or C.LENGTH_UNSET if unknown. An ad can be partially available when a server side inserted ad live stream is joined while an ad is already playing and some ad information is missing.
      • uris

        public final @NullableType Uri[] uris
        The URI of each ad in the ad group.
      • states

        public final int[] states
        The state of each ad in the ad group.
      • durationsUs

        public final long[] durationsUs
        The durations of each ad in the ad group, in microseconds.
      • contentResumeOffsetUs

        public final long contentResumeOffsetUs
        The offset in microseconds which should be added to the content stream when resuming playback after the ad group.
      • isServerSideInserted

        public final boolean isServerSideInserted
        Whether this ad group is server-side inserted and part of the content stream.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AdGroup

        public AdGroup​(long timeUs)
        Creates a new ad group with an unspecified number of ads.
        timeUs - The time of the ad group in the Timeline.Period, in microseconds, or C.TIME_END_OF_SOURCE to indicate a postroll ad.
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstAdIndexToPlay

        public int getFirstAdIndexToPlay()
        Returns the index of the first ad in the ad group that should be played, or count if no ads should be played.
      • getNextAdIndexToPlay

        public int getNextAdIndexToPlay​(@IntRange(from=-1L)
                                        int lastPlayedAdIndex)
        Returns the index of the next ad in the ad group that should be played after playing lastPlayedAdIndex, or count if no later ads should be played. If no ads have been played, pass -1 to get the index of the first ad to play.

        Note: Server side inserted ads are always considered playable.

      • shouldPlayAdGroup

        public boolean shouldPlayAdGroup()
        Returns whether the ad group has at least one ad that should be played.
      • hasUnplayedAds

        public boolean hasUnplayedAds()
        Returns whether the ad group has at least one ad that is neither played, skipped, nor failed.
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(@Nullable
                              Object o)
        equals in class Object
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • withTimeUs

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withTimeUs​(long timeUs)
        Returns a new instance with the timeUs set to the specified value.
      • withAdCount

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withAdCount​(int count)
        Returns a new instance with the ad count set to count.
      • withAdState

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withAdState​(@AdState
                                          int state,
                                                   int index)
        Returns a new instance with the specified ad set to the specified state. The ad specified must currently either be in AdPlaybackState.AD_STATE_UNAVAILABLE or AdPlaybackState.AD_STATE_AVAILABLE.

        This instance's ad count may be unknown, in which case index must be less than the ad count specified later. Otherwise, index must be less than the current ad count.

      • withAdDurationsUs

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withAdDurationsUs​(long[] durationsUs)
        Returns a new instance with the specified ad durations, in microseconds.
      • withAllAdsSkipped

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withAllAdsSkipped()
        Returns an instance with all unavailable and available ads marked as skipped. If the ad count hasn't been set, it will be set to zero.
      • withAllAdsReset

        public AdPlaybackState.AdGroup withAllAdsReset()
        Returns an instance with all ads in final states (played, skipped, error) reset to either available or unavailable, which allows to play them again.
      • toBundle

        public Bundle toBundle()
        Description copied from interface: Bundleable
        Returns a Bundle representing the information stored in this object.
        Specified by:
        toBundle in interface Bundleable