Interface ChunkExtractor.Factory

    • Method Detail

      • createProgressiveMediaExtractor

        ChunkExtractor createProgressiveMediaExtractor​( int primaryTrackType,
                                                       Format representationFormat,
                                                       boolean enableEventMessageTrack,
                                                       List<Format> closedCaptionFormats,
                                                       TrackOutput playerEmsgTrackOutput,
                                                       PlayerId playerId)
        Returns a new ChunkExtractor instance.
        primaryTrackType - The type of the primary track.
        representationFormat - The format of the representation to extract from.
        enableEventMessageTrack - Whether to enable the event message track.
        closedCaptionFormats - The Formats of the Closed-Caption tracks.
        playerEmsgTrackOutput - The TrackOutput for extracted EMSG messages, or null.
        playerId - The PlayerId of the player using this chunk extractor.
        A new ChunkExtractor instance, or null if not applicable.