Interface ChunkExtractor

    • Method Detail

      • getChunkIndex

        ChunkIndex getChunkIndex()
        Returns the ChunkIndex most recently obtained from the chunks, or null if a ChunkIndex has not been obtained.
      • getSampleFormats

        Format[] getSampleFormats()
        Returns the sample Formats for the tracks identified by the extractor, or null if the extractor has not finished identifying tracks.
      • init

        void init​(@Nullable
                  ChunkExtractor.TrackOutputProvider trackOutputProvider,
                  long startTimeUs,
                  long endTimeUs)
        Initializes the wrapper to output to TrackOutputs provided by the specified ChunkExtractor.TrackOutputProvider, and configures the extractor to receive data from a new chunk.
        trackOutputProvider - The provider of TrackOutputs that will receive sample data.
        startTimeUs - The start position in the new chunk, or C.TIME_UNSET to output samples from the start of the chunk.
        endTimeUs - The end position in the new chunk, or C.TIME_UNSET to output samples to the end of the chunk.
      • release

        void release()
        Releases any held resources.
      • read

        boolean read​(ExtractorInput input)
              throws IOException
        Reads from the given ExtractorInput.
        input - The input to read from.
        Whether there is any data left to extract. Returns false if the end of input has been reached.
        IOException - If an error occurred reading from or parsing the input.