Class EventStream

  • public final class EventStream
    extends Object
    A DASH in-MPD EventStream element, as defined by ISO/IEC 23009-1, 2nd edition, section 5.10.
    • Field Detail

      • presentationTimesUs

        public final long[] presentationTimesUs
        Presentation time of the events in microsecond, sorted in ascending order.
      • schemeIdUri

        public final String schemeIdUri
        The scheme URI.
      • value

        public final String value
        The value of the event stream. Use empty string if not defined in manifest.
      • timescale

        public final long timescale
        The timescale in units per seconds, as defined in the manifest.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventStream

        public EventStream​(String schemeIdUri,
                           String value,
                           long timescale,
                           long[] presentationTimesUs,
                           EventMessage[] events)
    • Method Detail

      • id

        public String id()
        A constructed id of this EventStream. Equal to schemeIdUri + "/" + value.