Interface HlsPlaylistTracker

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    public interface HlsPlaylistTracker
    Tracks playlists associated to an HLS stream and provides snapshots.

    The playlist tracker is responsible for exposing the seeking window, which is defined by the segments that one of the playlists exposes. This playlist is called primary and needs to be periodically refreshed in the case of live streams. Note that the primary playlist is one of the media playlists while the multivariant playlist is an optional kind of playlist defined by the HLS specification (RFC 8216).

    Playlist loads might encounter errors. The tracker may choose to exclude them to ensure a primary playlist is always available.

    • Method Detail

      • start

        void start​(Uri initialPlaylistUri,
                   MediaSourceEventListener.EventDispatcher eventDispatcher,
                   HlsPlaylistTracker.PrimaryPlaylistListener primaryPlaylistListener)
        Starts the playlist tracker.

        Must be called from the playback thread. A tracker may be restarted after a stop() call.

        initialPlaylistUri - Uri of the HLS stream. Can point to a media playlist or a multivariant playlist.
        eventDispatcher - A dispatcher to notify of events.
        primaryPlaylistListener - A callback for the primary playlist change events.
      • getPlaylistSnapshot

        HlsMediaPlaylist getPlaylistSnapshot​(Uri url,
                                             boolean isForPlayback)
        Returns the most recent snapshot available of the playlist referenced by the provided Uri.
        url - The Uri corresponding to the requested media playlist.
        isForPlayback - Whether the caller might use the snapshot to request media segments for playback. If true, the primary playlist may be updated to the one requested.
        The most recent snapshot of the playlist referenced by the provided Uri. May be null if no snapshot has been loaded yet.
      • getInitialStartTimeUs

        long getInitialStartTimeUs()
        Returns the start time of the first loaded primary playlist, or C.TIME_UNSET if no media playlist has been loaded.
      • isSnapshotValid

        boolean isSnapshotValid​(Uri url)
        Returns whether the snapshot of the playlist referenced by the provided Uri is valid, meaning all the segments referenced by the playlist are expected to be available. If the playlist is not valid then some of the segments may no longer be available.
        url - The Uri.
        Whether the snapshot of the playlist referenced by the provided Uri is valid.
      • maybeThrowPrimaryPlaylistRefreshError

        void maybeThrowPrimaryPlaylistRefreshError()
                                            throws IOException
        If the tracker is having trouble refreshing the multivariant playlist or the primary playlist, this method throws the underlying error. Otherwise, does nothing.
        IOException - The underlying error.
      • maybeThrowPlaylistRefreshError

        void maybeThrowPlaylistRefreshError​(Uri url)
                                     throws IOException
        If the playlist is having trouble refreshing the playlist referenced by the given Uri, this method throws the underlying error.
        url - The Uri.
        IOException - The underyling error.
      • excludeMediaPlaylist

        boolean excludeMediaPlaylist​(Uri playlistUrl,
                                     long exclusionDurationMs)
        Excludes the given media playlist for the given duration, in milliseconds.
        playlistUrl - The URL of the media playlist.
        exclusionDurationMs - The duration for which to exclude the playlist.
        Whether exclusion was successful.
      • refreshPlaylist

        void refreshPlaylist​(Uri url)
        Requests a playlist refresh and removes it from the exclusion list.

        The playlist tracker may choose to delay the playlist refresh. The request is discarded if a refresh was already pending.

        url - The Uri of the playlist to be refreshed.
      • isLive

        boolean isLive()
        Returns whether the tracked playlists describe a live stream.
        True if the content is live. False otherwise.